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patchleadsPSG Networks have been successfully delivering bespoke networking services to businesses for many years.

In today's technology driven workplace, it is essential that an organisation's network is reliable, versatile and future proof. Network cabling is often given low priority, but here are some facts that may change your perception.

  1. The average network crashes 12 times a year, 70% of the time it is due to inferior cabling systems or their installation.
  2. Adds, moves and changes are inevitable - 40% of employees move within their building every year. These activities can cause serious work-flow disruptions. A structured cabling system allows moves, adds and changes to occur quickly and cost effectively.
  3. The average cost of a move in an un-structured cabling environment is £300.00 per person.

Whatever the size of the network infrastructure, be it a large multi-protocol LAN or a small cluster of PC's, PSG can provide a complete range of network consultancy, installation, maintenance and networking support.

With 70% of all downtime attributed to poor quality cabling systems you'll want to make sure that this critical component of your infrastructure is much more stable. How do you make sure?

Simple - Call PSG Networks

Cabling System Audit

The auditing of any cabling system and its user/equipment connections is an invaluable asset to any business. Redundant patch panel connections are often left in place taking up valuable space within the patching field, these connections can be utilised without the need to re-cable to areas that already have spares available, along with utilising the patch cables that exist.

Once the audit has been carried out the database supplied not only acts as a tool for ease of planning office moves, but can also be used for asset tracking of all connected equipment such as PC's, Printers, Telephones etc.

For further information on PSG Network cabling services please call 08452 418777 or email or visit our contact us page.