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lifestylePSG's private virtual IP services give you the benefits of scalable secure carrier based private virtual networks - without the inherent scalability issues of Internet based VPNs.

With our partner AlwaysOn, PSG creates highly Intelligent private tunnelled networks. The architecture is built on powerful network core virtual routing / firewalling technology and extremely intelligent customer premises edge, which is controlled centrally.

At our points of presence we interconnect with other licensed operators and link to all types of networks:- Dial, xDSL, Frame, ATM, MPLS, PSTN and Cellular. Our private virtual networks are infrastructure independent.Our core network has the intelligence to provide quality of service using class of service including TOS and Diffserve. At the customer sites we provide intelligent CPE, that has the ability to prioritise the different traffic types marking the packets with the appropriate class of service.

Virtual IP Services

We seamlessly create QOS Layer 3 tunnelled switched networks from our customer remote sites to our virtual core routing platforms.

We have a greater coverage than any single carrier and offer a fully managed end to end solution. Our intelligent software puts our customers in control and allows them to provision services. After the virtual network has been provisioned customers can view performance statistics and billing online. This self provisioning can result in customers adding a new site to their WAN within hours, rather than weeks.

Within our core networks we host critical line of business applications, which are directly connected to our customer's private autonomous VPNs with private Extranets. These applications include CRM databases, centralized CCTV storage etc.

For further information on Wide Area Networks please call 08452 418777 or email info@psgnetworks.com or visit our contact us page.